I had already left a review but just wanted to add that unbeknownst to us, a gentleman has noticed the damage to our vehicle, so after the great job was done to our vehicle, we took it home and parked it. The next day, he came over and asked us where we had taken the vehicle because he couldn't believe the awesome job done to it. He said that he couldn't tell at all, that the vehicle had been damaged. Of course, we gave him the name and phone number and told him how well they took care of us. We live in Las Cruces and he said that it would be well worth it to go into El Paso to get his own vehicle fixed.

Leticia Quezada


I have to recommend this body shop with the professionalism, great work and how fast they accomplished the job!! I rate this company as excellent!!! Even In this time of Despair with the coronavirus the shop had my car fixed in four days!! I truly appreciate all the hard work from this body shop!!

Jenny H.


Amazing and efficient service, I had to take my jeep in for some repairs everything was done in a timely matter, and they kept me up to date on the process ! Very happy with results ! Recommend!!

Renee R.


fast, nice and good. insurance claim and highly recommend

Ricky H.


I want to personally take the time to say thank you to the team of professionals at the Frankfort Streamline Collision shop....They under promised, and OVER DELIVERED, I can not express how happy I am that my insurance company Progressive lead me to your shop. My car when I got it back looked like it had just come off the show room floor, and everything, to include cleaning the inside and out of my car was perfect...I will from this point forward ALWAYS recommend Streamline collision over anyone El in the Greater El Paso Area...Thank you so much for being the best...

Frank F.


My name is Veronica & I wanted to know if you were still doing the Keys To Progress for a Veteran in need of transportation.

I am the recipient of the first vehicle when the program started in 2014. I was blessed with a 2011 refurbished Chevy Silverado. It has been truly a life saver & I have been able to help so many people because of having this vehicle.

I was asked, way back then, if I'd be able to come say a few words about what having a vehicle has done for me. I had moved back to San Antonio in 2015 but never heard from anyone. Now that covid is upon us, I am not sure how you'll are going about with the program. I was able to send an email to Alex from Progressive Insurance, as I was told that he handles the program.

I wanted to let everyone know that my truck is still running like a champ. I've had to replace the tires once, the battery once, the rotors & brakes once. I even changed out the 8 spark plugs by myself. That was a challenge. I still keep full coverage on my truck. Whenever I tell the story of how I came to "own" the truck, I still get those feelings as of telling the story for the first time.

This month will be a busy month for me as I'm helping my sister move her belongings to Ardmore Oklahoma. I moved her to San Antonio from Ponca City Oklahoma in July but she decided that she needed to be a little closer to her grandchildren. I've helped many others with moves or just taking them shopping. I truly am blessed to have this truck and I just wanted to let everyone know that Streamline Auto Collision & Progressive Insurance are always on my mind as well as in my heart.

Veronica C.


Super fast and very efficient! My vehicle was towed to their shop on Tuesday and was ready for pickup Friday! Looks like new! Amazing work, very happy! Will definitely be recommending! Thank you so much!

Jasmine S.


Best shop anyone could ask for...Great customer. Great work couldn't tell it was repaired, you'd think it came off the car lot...If they can't repair it, no one else would be able to...Highly recommended

Roman J.


I had my windshield done here.They are very professional and very nice! The waiting room is very nice and they are very helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs work done on their car.

Rebekah H.


They so far has impressed me. I am happy with the work and the service in short amount of time.

Brandi Z.


Great work done to my SUV. Very efficient and quality work thru and thru. Will be back for future projects.

Danny S.


They do really good work in a timely manner

Rudy M.


I want to add Sergio took care of us. At first when I took my car I was skeptical on how it would turn out because I've always took my car to Lexus, but our insurance recommended this place. My car had damage in the front bumper which damaged only one headlight so the insurance was not going to cover that, but I was upset because I didn't want one dull light and a new one. I asked Sergio if they can help me, at first they said the light would be $700-$1000, but later I got a call that they would give me the light at $588 plus they included buffing some of the other scratches on the car and fixing a small part on back bumper. What I liked is they did not take long in fixing my car and when I received it I was very happy with the results. My car looks great!!! Thank you guys!!!

Fernie A.


I got rear ended which I honestly didn't have time to deal with due to my hectic schedule but from the time I dropped off my vehicle to the time I picked it up streamline went above and beyond. Friendliest staff I've ever dealt with and to make this experience less stressful for me they had enterprise there when I arrived. Recommend!!!!

Lisa M.


They quickly handled the repair to my wife's car. Very courteous and efficient. They did an excellent job on the repair. You wouldn't know it had been repaired. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Larry S.


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